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One Day Left

Posted By Howard Megdal On February 20, 2013 @ 3:05 pm In Roster construction | Comments Disabled

So the NBA trade deadline is Thursday, 3 PM. Am I of the opinion that the Knicks must make a deal? Or have I concluded that only this group can challenge the Miami Heat, and any changes would be fatal?
At the risk of losing my spot on Show Where People Shout, I’m somewhere in-between.
Here, as far as I can tell, are the obvious places the Knicks can improve:
1. Defense
2. A shooter, especially should Jason Kidd continue to struggle
3. A backup for Tyson Chandler
4. Those trampoline dunkers at MSG
Regarding the first one, I have yet to hear of a trade target who offers a better potential aid to the defense that the non-zero chance Iman Shumpert recovers sufficiently to be that help by the playoffs. Are such players around? Sure, and unlike Shumpert, they aren’t recovering from knee surgery. But they also aren’t free, nor as far as I can tell, available.
Regarding the second one, the Knicks are on it, after J.J. Redick, who would be perfect. Is he available to the Knicks? Is he worth Shumpert-plus? I am open to convincing on the latter, no idea on the former. Hoping Jason Kidd recovers costs less in trade, of course.
Regarding the third one, the return to practice of Marcus Camby and Rasheed Wallace gives the Knicks two such options, and doesn’t cost them anything. Are the Knicks better off trading value for Jermaine O’Neal, hoping his half-season renaissance this year is real? I’m not convinced. It could be- the Knicks desperately need someone to spell Chandler without the interior defense collapsing. But they have two potential answers to that challenge.
As to the dunkers, I don’t know. I just don’t know. They’ve been missing dunks. Passes have been flat. They are supposed to build to a crescendo, but late flourishes are failing. Is the answer new dunkers? Better trampolines? More adhesive on the ball? Who’s to say?
But on the first three: the Knicks could use help, and the potential solutions are also, Wizard of Oz-style, there all along. How they proceed will be fascinating. And I can be convinced acting or not acting was the right way to go, as can you, but we’ll only know if it was after the season.

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